Getting Your Home Ready for Winter? 3 Must Do Fall Tasks

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter? 3 Must Do Fall Tasks


As fall is upon us with the changing colors, lowering temperatures and shorter days, the importance of thorough fall yard clean up is a seasonal task that all homeowners must consider.  In the case of fall clean up, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Below are 3 task that might seem unnecessary or inconvenient and I believe they are vital to prolonging the life and quality construction of your home along with keeping a little more money in your pocket!

1.  Clean Gutters-Standing on a ladder or the roof and bending over to clean out dirty, wet chunks of leaves and debris is probably not on your list of fun fall festivities.  Just remember that clean gutters will help water to channel properly away from your house during heavy rains along with aiding to prevent ice damns from forming during the winter months.  Neglecting your gutters can lead to water leaks in the roof as well as the potential for water to collect in your basement or crawl space.  This is not always an easy task so it may be a good idea to contact a local vendor to clean your gutters if you are not feeling up to the task!

2.  Clean Flowerbeds and Bushes- Cleaning and removing collected leaves and debris from flower beds, shrubs, bushes and other areas immediately surrounding your house will help keep pesky bugs and critters at bay.  By having cleaned these areas you will remove moisture and hiding spots that many of mother nature’s creepy crawlers  call “home”, thus helping to  protect your home from infestation during the winter months and into the spring.  Doing this in the fall will also help make spring clean up a little easier!

3 Check Your Furnace Filter-Routinely changing your forced air furnace filter will help to lower the amount of allergens such as dust and pollen.  Doing this will also allow your furnace to run more efficiently and help to lower maintenance costs.   Many furnace filters should be changed every 90 days, even during the summer months.  Check your furnace filter to find out how to replace and how often.  This is a small cost that has a large benefit!