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Byron Center holds a special place in my heart because this is where my Dad and his family grew up.  I remember my childhood filled with stories of his life as a kid in Byron Center.   He grew up in a little old house next to the old Byron Center Hotel and B.C.’s most identifiable landmark, the big ole chicken.  He said back in his day the main strip in Byron Center was a little dirt road and in the summers the kids worked in the celery, aka “muck” fields, for a nickel an hour.   Most of my Dad’s family are buried in St. Sebastian Cemetery.  I remember the first time I visited theirs sites I felt like I was meeting my Uncle Dick and Grandparents for the first time.  Today on one of the walls of the 84th St Pub and Grille there hangs an old black and white photo of a group of young men who were firefighters.  Amongst those men in one of those old photos you will see my Grandpa Kiel.

Today, many of those muck and bean fields are gone and have been replaced with some phenomenal neighborhoods including Cooks Crossings, Carlisle Shores, and Planters Row.  Throughout the years Byron Center has become a premiere destination for families who want to move into a stellar school district.  With its Blue Ribbon reputation, the Byron Center School District has played a major part in driving this blossoming real estate market!  People who decide to make the move to Byron Center are not only making a sound real estate investment for their future, but they are no doubt also investing in what is already an incredible community!

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Byron Center Homes for Sale

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