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I grew up in Middleville and met my wife here while we were still both in High School.  No we weren’t high school sweethearts but we managed to stay in touch through the years following and then ended up spending our life together.  That is the great thing about this place, I have met some of the finest people of my life here in Middleville and am glad to call a handful of fellow Middlevillians my best friends!  The people make this place what it is, a fantastic community to be a part of.  Sure we have the numerous attractions of Yankee Springs Rec Area, an abundance of lakes and outdoor living, beautiful country roads, and a downtown area that offers excellent cuisine.  But what I really love is how when I run out for a gallon of milk or stop to get gas I will often bump into somebody I know.  I may have met that person in my business just a few weeks ago or have known them for years, it doesn’t matter, Middleville is full of good people.

This is why my wife and I chose to settle down here and raise a family after years of travel.  We want our children to have the same experience of growing up in a safe, close knit community that really focuses on the core importance of what makes America great… family, friends, and good values!  Now I am proud to serve this community as a realtor and look forward to the days ahead of making new friends and having the honor of helping them with their real estate needs.

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