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Selling Your Home

1What are the costs involved with selling a property using a Realtor?
A seller will typically pay for the new owner’s title insurance policy, real estate broker commissions, state/county transfer tax, and applicable local municipal requirements such as a well/septic evaluation.
2How are buyers attracted to my property?
If you hire a realtor to help you sell your house then your listing will be directly accessible to all agents in the area who are a member of the local MLS. This is a huge benefit to a seller as about 95% of all real estate transactions are bought with a buyer who has obtained the services of a buyer’s agent. The yard sign that your agent supplies will attract buyers, as will online real estate search engines. Often times your listing agent may be connected with a potential buyer as well. Ask an agent what marketing strategy he/she uses during the interview process.
3What is my role in selling my house when working with a realtor?
Your main priority will be to keep your house clean and ready to show to a potential buyer. It is also important to be available for questions, to keep an open mind, and refer all inquiries to your listing agent if this is agreed upon in your listing agreement.
4Why choose an agent to sell my home?
An experienced realtor knows your market well and can apply his knowledge to help position your home to be purchased. Many agents have been through the negotiation gauntlet and this is a value an agent brings to help put extra cash back in your pocket when the deal is closed. Of course, your agent’s participation in the local Multiple Listing Service is vital for maximum exposure! Explaining forms, contracts, and agreements. Suggesting contract contingencies to protect you, rather than the seller. Assisting in the negotiations for a favorable price and terms.Keeping all information confidential that could weaken your bargaining position. Monitoring the entire purchase process, assisting with issues that arise through closing.
5How is the price of my home determined?
A good agent will base price on nearby sold and active listings, these listings often times set the standard for the current market condition. Location, age, condition, and recent upgrades are also factors to consider when determining the list price.
6A good agent will base price on nearby sold and active listings, these listings often times set the standard for the current market condition. Location, age, condition, and recent upgrades are also factors to consider when determining the list price?
Overpricing can be a costly mistake, it is important to hit the right price from the start! An overpriced listing can discourage the first wave of activity that your home attracts. With most listings, about 90% of the showings occur within the first 30 days on the market, so that initial price is vital to you as the seller. A listing with a higher price tag also makes your competition appear more appealing and it may make you look as though you are not serious about selling your home. One thing to keep in mind is that if financing is involved then the home must appraise at or above market value in order for a buyer to obtain proper financing, again another reason to price the house right in the beginning!
7How important is staging?
Staging is very important as proper staging will help create a good first impression that gives a buyer a better vision of how your house is a great fit for them! I like to think that staging is similar to walking into a well merchandised department store. That first impression can trigger something in a buyer’s mind that will make that person want to purchase the product that is your home.
8How long will it take to sell my house?
Most likely it will take between 2 and 6 months to sell and close your home. This includes the time spent marketing, showing the home, negotiating offers and closing on the transaction.
9Can I sell my house on my own?
Yes, but get ready to risk losing money, to have a very limited marketing strategy, losing the accessibility of many local realtors, and miss out on the cash back that an experienced negotiator brings to the table.
10Will my house be safe when being shown by another realtor?
Most times your home is safe, realtors are professionals and buyers are most often serious buyers and not interested in your personal possessions.
11Do I have to sell my appliances with my house?
Appliances can be included or reserved by the seller. An appliance such as a dishwasher that is fixed to the property is considered a piece of the property and should stay with the home when you move.
12What is an earnest money deposit?
Earnest Money Deposit, EMD, is a good faith deposit to show a buyer’s commitment to the offer that he/she submits. EMD will protect a seller from lost marketing time should the transaction fall through. Often times a buyer is entitled a refund of this deposit in the event of job loss, loss of financing, and other serious financial setbacks. A buyer will most likely forfeit the EMD if he/she walks away from the purchase because of “cold feet.”
13Will I have time to prepare for a showing?
If you need time you may request 24 hours of notice to give you time to prepare your home for a showing. It is a good idea to keep your home clean and free of clutter in the event that a short notice showing is requested.
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